Plans And Investments

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As a membership owned and managed club, investment in the course is central to achieving a happy membership. Therefore, our very experienced Course Manager, Jeff Foulger, and his team of seven greenkeepers and apprentices work alongside our Greens Committee who represents the best interests of all playing members.

Sometimes a tricky balance to achieve, we recognise that new projects must be prioritised sensibly alongside regular maintenance tasks. A healthy budget is made available to ensure;

* Maximum course playability – year round
* Quality of greens, tees, fairways and bunkers are maintained and improved
* Trees and larger tasks are undertaken by outside contractors
* Maintenance works include clearing ditches and creating more pathways

Most recently, we have refurbished many bunkers around the course, installed flood defences and completed a refurbishment of the courtyard. Being a tree-lined course, an efficient tree maintenance programme is in place,both for health and safety and aesthetic reasons and this is achieved mainly with our external specialist contractors.

We have also undertaken a major course review along with the original designers of the course, Hawtree Ltd, who are now making recommendations for improvements, whilst retaining the fundamental character of the course.

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Five Year Course Plan

The Club undertook a major course review along with the original designers of the course, who in turn made recommendations for improvements whilst ensuring we were retaining the fundamental character.

We’re now in the fifth and final year into making these improvements and with the help of F.J. Lovell, they include a professional redesign and redevelopment of all bunkers around the course as well as re-shaping of some holes. Our 10th hole is probably the pick of the bunch and is now described by many as a stunning par three and one of our most memorable holes.

DJUKE Ltd has installed PC drainage into the greens and we continue to upgrade the path network to improve access through the winter months. Other notable works include the clearing of existing ditches and the creation of new ones to help course drainage and with the help of ‘Trendy Landscapes’ we’ve built impressive new features on the 3rd and 12th holes. We have and continue to add length with new tees on seven of the holes and most recently we’ve commissioned a borehole project, such that we can be self-sufcient from a water perspective and we are in the planning stages of a full course irrigation installation.

The Five Year Course Plan is a huge and complex project and we’ve achieved so much already but there’s lots more still to come.